Abdul Nasir Jangda is a real Texan, unlike most of y’all.

His preference in vehicles is American muscle, not wimpy imports such as Lexus and Hyundai (cough – Nouman and Wisam – cough).

He only plays tackle football (flag is for wimps and 2 hand touch is makruh), has a deadly 3-point shot, and refuses to engage in an activity as un-American as soccer (Astaghfirullah).

He is a son, brother, husband, and father.  Contrary to what his family members might say (don’t listen to them) he is very awesome (MashaAllah).

He sleeps well at night knowing his students are making Dua for him (yes, even Nihal).

You can find lectures by AbdulNasir online on HalalTube or at MuslimMatters

You can also stay in touch with him on Twitter (@AbdulNasirJ) or on his Facebook page.

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